Urban Key CDE is a mission-driven, certified community development entity that is wholly-owned by Urban Key Capital Partners affiliates in order to make direct mezzanine loan and equity investments through the New Markets Tax Credit program.

Urban Key CDE offers senior and subordinate debt products in the form of interest-only notes. Via the NMTC leverage structure, Urban Key CDE uses NMTC tax credit equity benefit to create a layer of flexible, patient capital. This additional layer (sometimes referred to as the “B” note) allows Urban Key CDE to offer additional capital to the sponsor team than would otherwise be attainable, and to do so at substantially lower effective rates while incorporating many below-market features and flexible terms.  

Urban Key CDE was founded to specifically capitalize on the experience of its President, Mr. Tyrone Rachal, who has successfully raised $148 million in NMTC allocation while President of Atlanta Emerging Markets, Inc. which is owned by Invest Atlanta, the City of Atlanta’s economic development authority.  This direct experience adds critical capabilities and resources that build on this platform to provide direct investment products that promote:

  • ​Catalytic Community Development Initiatives
  • Educational-Related Economic Development
  • ​Small Business Lending

Urban Key CDE’s business strategy achieves important community impacts while meeting investor objectives, thus Urban Key CDE is seeking NMTC allocation from the CDFI Fund.