Urban Key Capital Partners is a mission-driven, specialty advisory firm with expertise in:

  • Financial Advisory Services
  • Private Placement Services
  • Fund Management Services

Urban Key Capital Partners provides a range of financial services to highly-impactful real estate development projects and operating companies in distressed communities within the Atlanta MSA. Urban Key Capital Partners' financial services include specialized knowledge of tax credit based investing, non-conventional debt, public sector financing and public private partnerships.  Urban Key Capital Partners uses this specialized knowledge to assist clients in navigating and educating them to achieve their goals.

In 2014, Urban Key Capital Partners created Urban Key CDE in order to make direct investments in highly distressed census tracts. Urban Key CDE places an emphasis on catalytic community economic development projects, healthy neighborhood centers in qualifying food deserts and educational-related community development investments. Urban Key CDE's financial products include senior debt, subordinate debt and equity capital with flexible rates and terms.

Urban Key Capital Partners is dedicated to helping the Atlanta MSA create and maintain quality jobs and services for highly distressed low-income communities.  Our team has experience investing in and providing advisory services to real estate development projects and small businesses in these distressed communities and has been involved with some of Atlanta's most impactful public private partnerships.